Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watercoloring and New Postcards

Today was devoted to adding color to the Doily pictures:

The two pictures you see at the top are photocopies of the inked images that I then colored with colored pencils to work out the color scheme. The two pictures on the bottom row are the watercolors in process. As you can see, they are still attached to their Arches watercolor paper blocks.

Here's a slightly clearer view:

At this point I was pretty nearly done with the paints. But I did go back in with my trusty Copic Multiliner pen for some touch up. 

Here are the two finals:

You can also view these on my website

While I was painting, the mail arrived...

Look! It's my new Moo Cards!

I'm really pleased with how they turned out. The cards are a nice sturdy stock, the lines are sharp, and the colors are true. They're not the least expensive option out there, but I wanted to be sure my first batch of promotional postcards looked especially good. I knew others had gotten good results with Moo. An added bonus is that you can do as many different pictures as you want in one batch. I did the two you see above. Another company was also highly recommended by artist friends, but my Adobe design software is from the 1990s and can't generate files to their specifications. *sigh* I'm going to have to make a huge financial investment soon.

The postcards arrived several days before I expected them. I quickly got onto the internet and ordered 29c stamps from I'll start working on an address list tomorrow. I figure if I put it in Excel, I can track mailings and merge to labels from the same file. Not my favorite part of the illustration business, being so like my day job, but it's better than the doing taxes part. 

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