Friday, April 29, 2011

New Toy!

Look what arrived in yesterday's mail:

My book for the Sketchbook Project 2012!

Here's the back with my label:

You can barely see the theme. On the label just above the barcode is the word "Treehouse." As a huge lover of trees and houses and the combination of the two, I can hardly wait to get sketching. But I am forcing myself to wait until I have finished coloring the two Doily pics. Sketching treehouses will be my reward for completing the day's work.

This year's sketchbook (from Scout Books) is smaller than the Moleskine they used for the 2011 project. It's 5"x7" rather than 5"x8". The pages are whiter, just barely thicker (thicker is good), and slightly less smooth (which may be better for pencil sketchers). This year there are only 32 pages (as opposed to last year's 80), but you can add up to a thickness of one inch. I don't think I will. If I finish this book too quickly, I may just get a second one with a different theme. "Waterslides I never rode" sounds like a fun one...


  1. Your sketchbook, given your interest in treehouses (and your obvious talent for drawing them),should be great! I ordered mine a few days ago. I visited your website and have to say how beguiling your images are!
    I really enjoyed "looking around."

  2. Thanks, Elizabeth! I look forward to seeing your sketchbook too. I love your IF work.


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