Monday, February 11, 2013

DRAWING Magazine Feature

A drawing from one of my sketchbooks is featured in an article on The Sketchbook Project in the Winter 2013 issue of Drawing magazine!

Here's the spread they chose to show:

It's from my 2012 sketchbook.  Here's how it looks in the magazine article:

The other two artists whose work is featured on this spread are Melissa Patton and Carl Licence.

The magazine article (which appears to do a better job of crediting visual artists than their own writers - I couldn't find a byline) has this to say about my sketchbook: "Jeanie Wogaman's sketchbook explores a very different sort of imagined world; her pen drawings depict tiny people living peacefully in the trees. She draws mostly in black but dots her pages with great red apples, and these generous splashes of color energize her complex compositions." Nice! Many thanks to the folks at Drawing magazine and The Sketchbook Project for presenting my work in such a favorable light!  Thanks also to The Sketchbook Project for sending me a complimentary issue.

A bit about Drawing magazine
It's a quarterly publication originally started by American Artist magazine (now defunct).  The issue in my hand has articles on the relationship between drawing and other visual art practices, the anatomy of the landscape, measuring the figure, and a number of features on colored pencil artists.  All the articles are richly illustrated with loads of eye candy.  I'm seeing a lot of both classical and photo-realistic art.  There are the requisite oodles of ads, but they are mostly for really cool art supplies, so they're fun to pore over too.  Drawing magazine would be great resource for a student artist or hobbyist working on a foundation in classical drawing technique (something I highly recommend, even if your final works are abstract or highly stylized).  The cover price is currently $8.99, but if you're interested in a year's worth, you can save with a subscription (see for more info).

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Potion bottles done in Painter. Simple and quick. The subject matter is inspired by a scene from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. First I did a pencil sketch on paper and scanned it. Opened the scan in Painter and saved it as a RIFF. With basic paper as my canvas texture I lifted the sketch to a watercolor layer. Then I created an ink layer above that. I started drawing with the real drippy pen brush, but then switched to the crowquil.  It just seemed to work better with the scale and detail of this particular drawing.  For the flat color, I created a layer just above the canvas and painted with wet gouache round brush.

Happy Holidays 2020

Here's the winter holiday card image for 2020. This is my first holiday card created entirely in Procreate on my new iPad Pro.  I had so...