Monday, December 31, 2012

Illustration Friday: New

Here's to the hope that newness brings! 

2012 brought me new software--Painter 12--and I am having a blast with it. Best new toy ever!

More play with Painter brushes today for this week's Illustration Friday prompt: "New." 

I know I need to spend gobs more time learning this stuff in 2013, but I am excited--not daunted--by the prospect.


  1. Hi Jeanie, I like the glow and expressions! All the best with Painter.

  2. This is lovely! So you made this digitally entirely? And it is still your very recognizable personal style. I like the warm interaction between the characters very much. Happy New Year to you!

  3. Thanks, Michelle! I've loving this software. Poor Dick Blick, eh?

    Pia, I did start with a pencil sketch that I scanned and used as a base around which I built layers of color. But all the coloring was done with a variety of Painter brushes: acrylic bristle, oil detail, pastel grainy...even crowquil for some finishing linework.

    Thanks for your kind words!

    Happy New Year to both of you!

  4. So sweet! It looks like you are already a very proficient Painter painter ;)

  5. Thanks, Elizabeth! But there is so much more to learn! I have barely touched the watercolor features (my favorite paint medium in the real world). I suppose it helps that Painter has a palette of colors named to match the pigments I've been using for decades. That's one less thing to think about as I struggle to sort out the oodles of brush variations possible and the relationships between layers.

  6. Your painted face is beautiful and I hope you feel a lot better soon. Happy PPF, Annette x


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