Wednesday, August 29, 2012

IF: Tall

Wow. I haven't posted in, like, forever.

But I have been working . . . My middle grade novel is finally coming together and I expect to start sending it out on submission to agents soon.  I want to do one last read-through, for any glaring problems, first.  I've been letting the manuscript sit a bit while I play around with illustration possibilities.  The above is from a scene and seems to fit this week's Illustration Friday theme ("tall").  The image below is also based on characters in the novel.  I began it as an answer to last week's Illustration Friday theme of "teacher," but didn't finish the inking in time to post it on the site.

Now that I have a pretty good sense of how I want the characters to look, I think I'll work on developing some more dynamic compositions and perhaps a slightly more simplified style that would read better when reduced in scale.


  1. Wow, two illustrations you were already working on that fit two IF prompts! I wish that would happen to me! These are both really nice illustrations. I like the line work a lot and the characters have so much personality!

  2. Lovely work as usual. Bit of an unhappy situation going on there with the teacher it seems - I guess the answer is in your novel :) Best of luck finding an agent!

  3. Thanks, Pia! And, yeah, that's not a happy teacher.


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