Friday, November 18, 2011

My Last Illustration Friday Sketchbook Project Combo for the Year

This is the last full spread in my Sketchbook Project "Treehouse" book:

The contrasting designs of the two houses is inspired by this week's Illustration Friday topic "vanity."  Sorry, no prizes for figuring out who's meant to be vain in this picture, but if you can come up with a creative reason why it would be the guy in the tree on the left, I'd love to read your explanation in the comments.

One page (half a spread) left to go before this puppy gets mailed to Brooklyn.


  1. "Well," the man on the left thinks, "I understand what is important like nobody else in world. Only I know to live in a modest tree house. Then there are no distractions when I ruminate on my brilliant ideas. Thank heavens that I am me."

    First visit to your blog - your drawings are wonderful. It is a great sketchbook!

  2. Hi, Dan!
    Nice description of the vanity that can sometimes hide behind modesty! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

    Thanks also for your kind words about my sketchbook.

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  4. There goes the neighborhood! I mean seriously, that couple with their over-sized house blocking some of the best views! Another terrific sketch! And wow, you're almost done. Egad, I have done 4 pages. O_o

  5. hehe this is really cool :) I woul dlove to live in a house in the trees :D

  6. Jeanie, I just love, love, love the bark treatments you use on the two tress - amazing details. :)

  7. Love this drawing, Jeanie, it's so good! Great imagination :o)


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