Friday, November 4, 2011

Illustration Friday: Stripes

Here is "Stripes":

I am almost at the end of my Sketchbook Project book, so soon you should start seeing Illustration Friday images posted here that don't involve a treehouse.  It's been fun to combine the two exercises, but I'm about ready to move on to other themes...


  1. I am very fond of stripes, and since I am also fond of your work, I am doubly happy to see this post. I am so impressed that you are almost finished with your SB project! Awesome!

  2. Nice one! I love the striped shadows of the railing. (And oh dear, I still have to *start* my sketchbook!)

  3. Thanks, Alexiev!

    Thanks, Elizabeth!

    Thanks, Cindy!

  4. I love the shadows and the slight bit of colour you added.

  5. I love the stripy shadows. They're so beautiful and subtle. Gorgeous sketch.

  6. I think it's great that you were so successful in incorporating both! :) It speaks volumes on your focus, self-discipline and "can-do" way of being! Bravo!


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