Friday, December 31, 2010

More SBP pages

I hope the Sketchbook Project people don't mind that the book is a little thinner than what they originally sent me. I ended up ripping out several pages I didn't like. I seem to have upset the stitching, but it looks like it'll still hold together.

This is a normal thing for me and my sketchbooks. I rip out pages that I need to photocopy or trace on the lightbox. Most of my old sketchbooks are not fit to be shared. But I'm used to thinking sketchbooks as places to work out project ideas that I finish in other formats. In that sense, the theme of this project fits -- this IS not a sketchbook. After all, I've never filled one while thinking the book is meant to be handled and viewed by others. It's making me self-conscious. But I am a good little soldier and am diligently trying to draw my way through the unhelpful feeling.

The stitching means we're now at the halfway point - - with only two weeks left to finish! Panic!

I decided I needed to see what the cat was doing with that bird. But then I couldn't decide what to do next, so I gave the book an intermission. The time pressure means I need to keep drawing even at the end of a long day. So the intermission page got a weirdly doodly while I was drawing and vegging in front of the TV simultaneously.

Then I started thinking about New Year's parties, so I offered myself a drink. I don't actually drink, so that brought me back to the pattern of putting negatives in red ink.

When I start drawing again later today, I'll go back to that red haired boy who was heading up to an art class. Not sure yet what he's going to do next, but I have decided the boy hates to draw. His mom makes him got to art classes so that she can sneak off for trysts with her brother-in-law. The cat killing the bird doesn't give the story enough tension. This plot line will give me the chance to draw people getting hot and bothered -- in more ways than one!

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