Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More head studies of Freddy:


  1. Hi Jean,
    Your art really reminds me of one of my favorite books when I was a kid. I can't recall the title but it was a mystery and these two friends (girls) have to solve a case of her missing dog.

    You know I love your art! And I do!

    Love the gerbil (or hamster???) avatar btw.

  2. Thanks, Sheri!

    The gerbil's name is Ramona, and she has a sister named Beezus. They live in a cage on the corner of one of my desks to keep me company while I work. Sometimes I sketch them to loosen up.

  3. My kids have wanted gerbils or a hamster since forever. But my rule is no one from the rodant family may live in our house. BUT I have to say, and please NEVER tell my kids I said this.... Ramona is very cute! And I am sure so is Beevus. Great names. Hopefully, they are both the same sex so you won't have little Beevus' and Ramona scampering around...

  4. Oh wait.... duh!!!! You said SHE has a SISTER so clearly they are the same sex. Slow on the uptake, I am!


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