Playing with pencil

So I've been attempting to enhance the cover image with colored pencils.  Hm.  I guess I'm done?

Here's the scan I made after I decided to stop fiddling around with it:

Interesting how different the colors look under the influence of the glaring light of the scanner.  I suppose I could tweak it some more with my new Photoshop CS 5 - after learning the software better.  I'll let the picture sit a spell while I take a shot at another mock cover, perhaps this time a retake of a published book.

But first, I'll take a crack at this week's Illustration Friday challenge ("fuel").  Once again I have an idea that will tie it in to my "treehouse" Sketchbook Project.  Look for the picture to appear on this blog sometime this weekend. I have an SCBWI conference to attend tomorrow, so you may not see it until Sunday night.


  1. So lovely to see the progress of your cover project. I like it a lot - I adore details like the card symbols on the window shutters.
    Dull images from the scanner... I get that too. Have been wondering whether it is the quality of the scanner. Making the room pitch black during scanning helps a bit.

  2. Thanks, Pia! I'll try scanning in the dark next time.

    Thanks, Kayleen!


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