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Illustration Friday: Messenger

Carrot carrying rats

Illustration Friday: Rat Brigade

End Page of Treehouse Sketchbook Project

Illustration Friday: Round

This Year's Christmas Card

My Last Illustration Friday Sketchbook Project Combo for the Year

Another Treehouse Spread for the Sketchbook Project

Another Illustration Friday - Sketchbook Project Mash-up

Playing around with Photoshop

Illustration Friday: Stripes

A Man's Treehouse is his Castle

Illustration Friday: Scary!

IF: Fuel

Playing with pencil

Cover with inking

Cover progress

Book cover sketches

IF: Scattered

Two more for the Sketchbook Project

Treehouse Contraption

Christmas treehouse

New Season, New Postcard, New Virus

Promo piece redone with wash

New promo materials

Bookshelf Pics with Wash

Better with Wash

The Companion Piece

Manic Network

Bookshelf picture

What I'm working on...

Digitize me!

IF: Remedy

IF: Midsummer Night

Treehouse interior

IF: Launch!

Another treehouse

Shadows rough sketch

Illustration Friday: Shadows

Treehouse Sketchbook Spread #2

IF: Asleep