Cover with inking

I've been inking and tweaking the lines on the cover for the past two evenings.  This is how it now looks:

I'm not quite satisfied.  I know I'm going to need to produce more mock covers for the portfolio, so I'm going to play around some more with this one without worrying about destroying it.  I think I'll see what kinds of effects I can get by adding some colored pencil.  Stay tuned!


  1. it’s looking great i love the image. Colored pencils will do wonders as you can intensify small areas with much precision bringing anoterh dimension to this little world...
    . I’m looking forward to seing the result.
    xo sandra

  2. Oh, such fun to follow your creative process! I like this picture so much. I am so wondering what they are looking at:)

  3. Thanks for following along, Sandra and Line! Your comments mean a lot. I'm glad you're liking what you see.


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