More SBP pages

Here are the next six spreads. All the blank spaces are there because the pages are thin and the black ink images read through the back of the page. It's less obvious in the scanned images than it is in the actual book.

These END OF INTERMISSION pages enabled me to keep drawing while I was dreaming up how to draw the next part of the story. I had a lot of fun inventing chairs.

The above page is plain lightly inked to create a buffer between the heavily drawn chair page and the graphic novel-esque spread that follows.

This is my first stab at drawing a sequence of frames. I really like this type of storytelling. If I do another SBP (and I think I will), I'll being doing more like that. Unfortunately, I don't have time left to divide the remaining pages in this book into frames. So I'm back to single images. Verso pages are blank to avoid read-through.

Not sure why I feel compelled to draw a character who doesn't like to draw. What would Freud say? I love drawing. But part of me is thinking of other things I love to do (novel writing) that I'm not doing when I draw. Drawing becomes a stumbling block to completing the writing. Writing can also being a stumbling block to progressing on the drawing.

That's an interpretation that would fit with the image that follows. While Boy is complaining, Mom is fantasizing herself into the arms of a dashing man.

15 pages (7 spreads) left to fill. More posts to come!


  1. hey... stumbled across your blog and I really like your sketches! (and the ideas) :)


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